Configure a radio socket as light

I want to set up some radio sockets and I have them under switch:

  - platform: remote_transmitter
    id: lichterkette_balkon_on
    raw: [6952, -...]
  - platform: remote_transmitter 
    id: lichterkette_balkon_off
    raw: [7074, -332, 116...]

According to the documentation I can create a template switch. I want the switch to appear as a light in HASS. I thought at first that I define a binary light but that doesn’t seem to work. Any hints?

If it is for switching a light on/off you will want to use the “switch” components. The “light” components are just for setting the color/brightness of a light. You can use a bulb or lamp icon in the view to show it as a light.
I am guessing you are using espHome? I thought that used auto discovery to create the switches in home assistant.

I’m using esphome (I posted in the subforum).
I find it more convenient to have them set up as lights since it makes controlling by voice control easier (I have a if elseif set up where it checks if the command contains “lights”).

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Wow, that’s embarrassing! Thanks!