Configure area in customize.yaml

if in customize.yaml I can configure the friendly name and the icon of the entities without unique id, would it not be possible to make it possible to configure the area as well?

I am also looking for yaml based area configuration as I generate my config from my KNX project. Did you find any way about this?

Hi :wave:!
How do you parse the knx project? Sounds interesting. (DM welcome to not hijack this thread)
Afaik there is no way to assign areas from yaml, and it is also not likely to be implemented / accepted.

I have the same problem with my MODBUS entities.
Any ideas?

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Adding to this that I’d very much like to be able to manage areas within YAML, but if that isn’t in the roadmap being able to customize the area with a picture from under homeassistant: / customize: hierarchy.