Configure fritzbox_netmonitor on 2021.8.x

Dear all,
I migrated to 2021.8.x and, as suggested, in the changelog I removed fritzbox_netmonitor entry from my Configuration.yaml.
But after that, I can’t access anymore to the data provides by this integration. For example, a template that contains this string doesn’t work anymore

{{ (states(‘sensor.fritz_box_7530_kib_s_received’)|float*1024)*100/state_attr(‘sensor.fritz_netmonitor’, ‘max_byte_rate_down’) }}

How can I gain access to this informations?
I added the fritz integration for my router and mesh satellites. Maybe I missed some other configuration?
Many thanks in advance.

The sensor.fritz_netmonitor doesn’t exist anymore. Replace it with sensor.fritz_box_7530_max_kbit_s_received.

And sensor.fritz_box_7530_kib_s_received is now sensor.fritz_box_7530_kb_s_received (no “i” in kib)

Thank you @starob.
Just another info.
What is the unit of measure of sensor.fritz_box_7530_max_kbit_s_received ?
kibibit or kilobit ?
Because max_byte_rate_down was expressed in bytes/s and I need to to the necessary adjustments.

sensor.fritz_box_7530_max_kbit_s_received is kbit per second.

sensor.fritz_box_7530_kb_s_received is kbyte per second.

Perfect! Thank you :+1: :+1:

Is there a link where to find a mapping for old sensor name → new sensor name?
I’m rewriting a package that monitor fritz and I can’t find the equivalent for

{{ state_attr('sensor.fritboznetmonitor', 'is_linked') }}

Instead, I converted

{{ state_attr('sensor.fritboznetmonitor', 'is_connected') }}


{{ states('binary_sensor.fritz_box_7530_connectivity_2') }}

I simply do not get at all.

The breaking changes for 2021.8.8 mention that fritz_netmonitor has merged into fritz.

They also mention fritz docs serveral times but that link goes to nowhere or 404

If I search in integration I do not find any integration that is called only fritz

Do I need to rename that sensor or platform from fritzbox_netmonitor to fritz or what do I need to do ?

I am working on that topic quite a few hours searching after I had migrated from May to August but I simply do not find much.