Configure Hikvision on to record if any motion detected

Now I have a project to make smarthome with the component is Hikvision camera and some sensors. Here I want to discuss about how to configure Hikvision and to do recording if there are any motion detected. Lets discuss :slight_smile:

Like mentioned here:

Home Assistant isn’t a recorder by it’s self.
What storage do you have for the HikVision? Do you have a NVR or a NAS Drive running Surveillance Software?
At a push you could run a Docker container with Blue Iris or Machinebox

I want to save the file from recording to server and it will be use as content in my android apps.

i was using iVMS but not helped. I have NAS connected, but the result file of recording can’t played well. must be download in ivms application.

If the file doesn’t play to well are you recording in H.264+ ?
If so try changing your camera to record in plain H.264 instead.

The last configuration that i was try using iVMS and the result is not in line with expectations.

Now i want to ask you, can HA do the following actions:
if the motion is detected, hikvision will record 20 seconds and can we make our own android application to display and control data from HA?

Not with the standard the components.

The Binary Sensors only reads information from the Camera and the Camera Switch only turns on / off motion detection. You could add the functionality to the switch component by reading the HikVision API document.

If you go down the Synology route for a NAS drive I know how to do remote trigger recording in addition to the normal detection.

Or have a look at a setup like Blue Iris or Machinebox?
Although I have never used either of them.