Configure KNX motion detection sensor in yaml

Hello together,

I want to configure my motion detectors but i’m not sure whats the right device type for it.

Didn’t had an example for that or i’m blind to find it. Can you help me with that and show me an example.

I’m new to HA and i’m new to the Community. So sorry in advanced for stupid questions.

Kind regards

Hi :wave:!
If your detectors send ON and OFF use a binary sensor (device class motion if you like - but that only changes the icon and wording, not the function).
If your devices only send ON repeatedly use a knx_event.

Hi Farmio,
binary sensor works. How can i classify it as device motion?
I changed the Icon manually in the setting of the entity.

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Just set the device_class key accordingly. See KNX - Home Assistant
device_class: motion

Thanks thats what i was looking for!

Hi Lynny,

I have a sensor that only has an “ON” value how’d you get this to become and entity or trigger you can use in Home Assistant?

Is it a KNX sensor so on/off 1/0?

no solution yet ?

/KNX/Sensor.yaml entry?

If it only sends 1 (no 0), you can use a binary sensor with reset_after.
But I’d recommend to just use a KNX interface telegram device trigger instead of an entity. See

Great :slight_smile:
THX CyberHome