Configure non-HA-cloud integrated Google Assistant via Voice Assistant menu

Have my Google Assistant integrated directly (like this) and not via Home Assistant Cloud (cool that it exists, but I like to own as much of the infrastructure as I can), but it does not show up in the new Voice Assistants menu:

Is that intended? Is it a bug? Is it being worked on? Do have have something configured wrong? Maybe someone of you knows something about this.

  project_id: home-assistant-<censored>
  service_account: !include service_account.json
  report_state: true

The manual voice assistant integrations aren’t supported by the UI yet - it’s not a bug, nothing is wrong.

Are the manual voice integrations supported in HA version 2023.6?

Nope, doesn’t seem like it and neither so on .7

@cromefire Thank you for your response. Well, I guess I will try version 2023.7.x and see if the wear OS Assist works. It did not work at all with version 2023.5.x. I will gladly pay the yearly fee to Nabu Casa if the Wear OS and HA Companion app for Android Assist work as well as 2023.4.x. In my opinion, Nabu Casa is one more link in the chain that can break with a server outage.