Configure TS0002 startup behavior and switch mode

I read on some posts that is possible to change startup behavior and switch mode of the TS0002. Where can I do this?

Discussed in ZHA Hue Bulbs restore state on power on

Maybe check out Framework for generic exposure of device configuration attributes · Discussion #934 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub by @dumpfheimer ?

dmulcahey discussion mention future ZHA goals once ZCL R7 PR merged into zigpy (which it now has):

Once the ZCL 7/8 PR that was merged into Zigpy is in HA the goal is to support this type of thing w/o having to explicitly specify things the same way that z2m does (“exposes”) otherwise every device would need to be quirked. The part of this that is in Zigpy may be handled in HA itself (or the web socket server) I started the beginning of this type of thing w/ sirens. We already expose several selects for things like alert tone, volume and strobe. The goal is to extend the support w/ number fields and additional selects, switches etc. tied directly to ZCL commands / attributes. Currently things look like this: core/ at cdd23abea7f8854d95c22a2dadeaffdbceeccc55 · home-assistant/core · GitHub Next we’ll tie these to ZCL commands for things like power on state etc.

My preference is to expose the most common functionalities (things like power on state, sensitivities, reset times, etc. Things that are used configurable w/ attributes writes or commands and are used by many users) via direct class definitions in ZHA / zha-websocket-server leveraging multi match so that we define them once and they just work for all devices (and for things that aren’t spec compliant we can continue to intercept the calls and translate as necessary in quirks). That said I am open to talking through alternatives.

Again see development discussion in

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