Configure UI blank page after upgrading from 105 to 106

I have a number of lovelace tabs. After upgrading Hassio from 105 to 106, the first main tab will display blank when I use “Configure UI”. When I cancel Configure UI, it returned to the blank page and I have to refresh the web to get the display back. When I say blank page, the upper part (tab icons, etc.) is still there and I can still switch tabs, choose the left sidebar commands.

I restarted my Hassio and the problem is still there. This happens on Windows Microsoft Edge-Chrome based/Firefox/Chrome.

On Android and iOS apps, no such problem.

Need help…thank you

Clear cache and maybe try chrome. When you say edge… which one… the new chromium based or old? Anyway clear cache and delete website data.

Edge Chromium based. I use ctrl+f5 to refresh it. Still not solved. Chrome also has the same problem.

Press F12 for dev tools and right-click the refresh button and select clear cache and hard reload.

Worst case if that doesn’t work is deleting all website data. The fact iOS app etc works says it’s a browser issue

Thanks a lot. I found the culprit. I have to update my mini graph plugin to be a new version which is compatible with Hassio 106 version.

Ah yeah… I dealt with that during the beta. The only reason iOS ap worked is because of caching…

I see…thanks.