Configure "unknown" Z-Wave device (Popp Keypad)

I just got the quite new Popp Keypad, intended to be used together with my Danalock V3.
It seems to be securely added via ozwcp, however, I cannot set associations there or in Home Assistant’s control panel. Aren’t association groups announced by the device automatically?

I also tried the following with no luck.
zwave.change_association { “association”: “add”, “node_id”: 30, “target_node_id”: 2, “group”: 2 }

I would think it should be possible to utilize basic functions of this keypad without it being supported explicitly by Home Assistant (openzwave), however, it doesn’t seem so. Have I done anything wrong, or do I need to try to add its description to openzwave?

I’m also interested (haven’t bought it yet).

Fixed in

Hi, Did you get it to work with home assistant?

Yes, now without any custom open-zwave :slight_smile: (I haven’t tried including it, but I think it should work)