Configure Zwave dimmer to act as switch

I have a GE Enbrighten Zwave Dimmer that I would like to have act light a switch (It can turn on non-dimmable bulbs in its current state.) Is this possible? I see a bunch of configuration options in the control panel, but I really have no idea of what they mean.

Capabilities depend on the exact model number of your dimmer. Which one do you have?

If you want to skip brightness other than 0% (Off) or 100% (On), then you need to make a template switch. Here’s an example I found, but I have never tested it:

The catch is that it wont prevent someone from locally dimming via the switch unless the switch has the configuration capability to do that (Inovelli Red’s can do this I believe).

Thats exactly why I asked. Some of the Jascos can be configured (like some zooz and innovelli devices) in ‘switch mode’ which basically turns a dimmer into a switch. (designed for when you have a motor load on the device and can’t use a dimmer) if op has a device that supports it its definitely the easiest way.

Thanks for the responses.

Yes, it does support it. I should have RTFM’d. That said, the physical instructions to put it into switch mode (press on 5 times followed by off 5 times) doesn’t work for some reason.

It’s a enbrighten in wall no-neutral dimmer (ZW3012 52252). The instructions reference configuration parameters explained on, but I can’t tell if there is a parameter I can set through HA to put the thing in switch mode since the physical settings don’t seem to work.

And yes, I need it in switch mode because its controlling a CFL bulb that isn’t dimmable, and when it tries to turn it on it sees that something is not working right and immediately turns it off again. That happens both through HA and with physical presses of the switch.

If template switches are a possible solution for this situation, I have tried to understand them in the past and just really can’t follow what the instructions are saying. :frowning:

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THe ZWave Alliance is your friend. Zwave devices need to register as part of obtaining certification:
Product Configuration Capabilities (

Check out Param 16. :wink:

Genius. Thank you!