Configuring a Zigbee gateway on a separate Pi?

Hey Everyone!

I have Home Assistant running on a Pi4. I want to add a RaspBee II Zigbee gateway, but the Pi4 GPIO is already used. However, I have a spare Pi0 with header pins.

Is there a way to set up the RaspBee II on the Pi0 and have Home Assistant use it from the Pi4?

Thanks for your help!

deCONZ Headless

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Oh, excellent! The install instructions seem straightforward enough.

What should I expect to do in Home Assistant after the headless deCONZ successfully boots up and runs?

Thanks again!

You’ll see the deCONZ gateway pop up as a discovered integration. Just configure as normal. I would reserve a DHCP IP prior if you can however.

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Fantabulous!! Now to find a random SD card that still works…

Thank you very much!!