"Configuring Command Line notify using YAML has moved" with multiple notification targets?

I am pretty sure I have read every Google link multiple times, and even watched a couple YouTube videos, but I am unable to figure out how to transition from the old YAML syntax to the new for command_line when I have multiple notifications. Right now I am using hass 2023.10.5 and have

  - platform: command_line
    name: my_cell_signal
    command: "/home/hass/signal-cli/bin/signal-cli --username='from-number' send 'a-cell-phone' --message-from-stdin"

  - platform: command_line 
    name: other_cell_signal
    command: "/home/hass/signal-cli/bin/signal-cli --username='from-number' send 'a-different-cell-phone' --message-from-stdin"

  - platform: command_line 
    name: kiddo_cell_signal
    command: "/home/hass/signal-cli/bin/signal-cli --username='from-number' send 'yet-a-different-cellphone' --message-from-stdin"

I use this in a script to send notifications to different people depending on what triggered, but I have been unable to convert this to the new syntax. I feel like I have tried every combination of dict-of-lists and lists-of-dicts, but nothing seems to work. I am hoping it’s just a parsing anomaly in 2023.10.5, but before I upgrade, does anyone have an example of multiple command_line notifiers in 2023.12.0+?

Thank you,

Apparently not. I had to write an intermediary script to funnel everything through a single command_line notify:

  name: cli
  command: "/home/hass/bin/notify-cli.sh"

That script holds the smarts to look at the first line and determine who it is to and how to get it to them.