Configuring custom tariff for energy using custom sensor w/o nordpool

After somewhat long time trying to search for the info on the community, I couldn’t find one that uses custom sensor without nordpool, so I’m having issues with getting my custom sensor to work with the energy dashboard.

My current template is:

- name: "Current electricity price"
  unit_of_measurement: "¢"
  state: >
   {% if now().hour >=7 and now().hour <22  -%}
   {% else %}
   {% endif %}

Which results in: image

What’s the proper way to do that then as I’m not really sure. That template will not allow for currency as well, and the supplied values are €, however cents.

Anyone happen to know how it’s supposed to be done?

unit_of_measurement: "¢/Wh" # or ¢/kWh

Hmm, that didn’t do the trick either, so I’m rather confused.

I did add unit_of_measurement: "¢/kwh", oh it needs to be properly capitalized. :slight_smile: