Configuring ESP32 CAM in Home Assistant

Hi, I have been trying to configure ESP32 CAM running the example Camera Web Server example on Home assistant lovelace but unable to do so in Lovelace. I have read some examples and other posts in this forum but none of them are able to bring the desired result. Can somebody please help:
My camera is running well if I browse the URL and I am able to see the images as well as streams but I cant show the stream on lovelace.

My configuration.yaml:

  - platform: generic
    name: mycam
    verify_ssl: false

My Lovelace config: This card does not display the picture neither streams the video. It keeps loading indefinitely.

entity: camera.mycam
type: picture-entity
camera_view: live

The below card works fine and shows me the picture but of course changes the picture only when I refresh the page (F5)

  action: none
image: ''
  action: none
type: picture

You have found a solution to this issue?

i have same problem

No, I was not able to get a solution to this. I switched over to ESPHome for this. The instructions are well documented for using ESP32 CAM with ESPHome although, ESPHome does have some limitations like I cant take snapshots of different resolutions.

I try now connect Esp32 to motionEye +ESPHOME

Until now with no any success. Can’t find the web
path to see the Esp32 cam.

If you know the path you can add It to motioneye and take video snapshots and more

You know maybe what the path?

I havent done it yet - it is on my todo list but a person here commented that he has done it:
Pl follow his instructions here:

@henaa , I was able to configure the camera in motioneye after loading the sketch as described by Ruis Santos in the link above. I just had to enter the camera URL in motioneye and everything was set up automatically.

Just want find out solutions to esp32 + esphome + MotionEye
The esphome + esp32 cam work goos then the link

Until now with now success

I have managed to send an image with an automation to Telegram I think it could also be worth it for motioneye all with EspHome

In the configuration / events section selecting the esp32 camera gives us a token this added to the home assistant address

Therfore I flashed Tasmota to habe it in motion eye and Home assist.
With esphome there is better integration in ha but no streaming link.