Configuring FIND with Zanzito?

I’m having trouble figuring out how to setup FIND with Zanzito.

I have HassIO setup on my Raspberry Pi 3. I have the Mosquitto component installed. I have MQTT sucessfully setup in HA, and working with HA (for example, battery stats are working with this sensor):

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Zanzito Battery"
    state_topic: "zanzito/myphone/battery_level"
    qos: 0
    unit_of_measurement: "%"

I’m on Windows 10, and would like to setup a FIND server to test out indoor positioning.

  1. I have the app ‘Zanzito’ on my Android phone which is succesfully connected to MQTT. I can specify a group name for FIND in the settings in the app, but I’m not sure what group name I need to choose? Do I make it up, or is it retrieved from somewhere else?
  2. For the FIND server, I can download the pre-built binaries for Windows 10 here, but I’m unsure how to specify the location of my MQTT server with that .exe. Furthermore, it’s unclear if the FIND server supports SSL/TLS?
  3. Once I get step (1) taken care of, how do I setup a device or sensor in HA that will use FIND’s results?

Thanks for the help!

When you setup the local FIND server you setup the group. I would setup a local broker then you don’t need ssl/tls. You setup the MQTT the same way you did for the external server, but point it to the local one.

This thread will help with FIND…

HA setup

    - platform: rest
      #minute: 30
      resource:<name of group you setup on server>
      value_template: '{{value_json.users.<username>[0].location}}'
      method: GET
      name: My Internal location
      scan_interval: 60

Mine is still pointing to the external server as for the moment I can’t setup a local sever, tho’ I may have a play with the windows binary’s :slight_smile:

Edit: Seems the windows stuff is fingerprinting only, so still need a linux server :frowning:

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