Configuring Goole Cast with UUID

I’ve been trying to configure google cast, but I’m running into a roadblock due to my lack of technical knowledge. But, I’d like to learn.

My end goal is to have a physical button that can start playing a Spotify playlist. I currently have Home Assistant Spotify Integration and Spotcast Integration installed. I also have an Ikea SOMRIG switch I’ve had success with before. I’m currently running home assistant green.

My router (TP link Deco) does not have mDNS discovery, so I need to manually add in all of my Chromecast devices. I can find the IP addresses and make them static. My issue is with the UUIDs. I can’t seem to find a way to obtain those.
I found this post: How do I get the uuid of a chromecast device? · Issue #14090 · home-assistant/ · GitHub But, I can’t seem to follow along.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Also, please let me know if I should be posting this on a different location for help like this. I put it in uncategorized because I wasn’t sure where else to put it.