Configuring HAOS to be able to access two storage drives

I have set up a Beelink EQ12 N100 to run HAOS (Loaded into Ubuntu and used the restore function to install it onto the 500GB storage) however the device also has an additional slot for a 2.5inch drive and I’d love to use the device.

The goal is to add additional storage and mount this as /media (replacing the existing /media mount)
Before I go ahead and spend the money on a large drive is this possible to do?

I can see, via terminal, that I have /dev/device_name mounted to each directory so I assume if I connect the additional drive and add it as a file system I can change the mount out?

I’m still learning a lot about hosting and running home assistant. I’m finding it really convenient and I’m not looking to switch away from HAOS unless I really have to.