Configuring IFTTT, but HA tells me I'm not connected

I’m trying to get some magic done with IFTTT.

However, when I try to turn on the IFTTT integration, I receive the error: “Your Home Assistant instance needs to be accessible from the internet to receive IFTTT messages.”

My configuration:

  api_password: pass
  server_port: 8123

The admin panel is accessible from the internet. So port 8123 is successfully forwarded; and port 443 triggers the public port 8123.

Thanks for the help!

I was working on IFTTT yesterday as well. The thing I did to get it working:

In the configuration.yaml don’t use api_password. Home Assistant now works with long-lived access tokens so the only thing needed is the base_url. Like this:


I also left out the ‘http://’ at the beginning of the url. Reboot Home Assistant and try to turn on IFTTT integration.

You also need to create an account at the IFTTT website and once you logged in find your assigned API key and add the following to your configuration.yaml:


Again, Reboot HA and now you can start making Applets in IFTTT.

I hope this will help you!

Thanks for the reply! I tried these steps, but the error remains.

Do I need to be on ssl, btw?

@Ferdi_Tuinman On the base_url you have it set to http. Make sure it’s set to https. DuckDNS used a secured connection.