Configuring IP camera with Picture component or how to use MotionEye integration?

Hi everyone, first of all I want to mention that I’m a newbie in Home Assistant usage.

FIrst of all I’ll describe my setup: I’m running Home Assistant on a Docker container and also a MotionEye server on another docker Container on the same PC running Linux Mint.

The problem I have is that I want to see the one camera I’ve configured on MotionEye, for that I took the URL that MotionEye assigns to that camera and add it on a Picture component, that IP is the local IP of the PC that’s running docker and I can see the camera from my phone whenever I’m on my local network, however when I’m outside of my network and I try to see that same camera with the local IP it doesn’t show up, I need to change that same local IP to my own public IP in order to be able to see the camera.
Is there any better way to do it? As for now I’ve just added 2 Picture components one with the local IP and one with the public IP but that’s far from perfect.

I also tried using the MotionEye integration, after configuring it it worked perfectly, I could see the camera both from inside and outside my local network, however the Picture Entity Card always shows as Idle, and I have to click it and open the camera itself to see it live, and I would to always be live as it is with the Picture component.
Any tips? Thanks in advance to anyone that can throw some light.