Configuring Nest Camera binary sensors

Hi all, I recently set up a Nest Outdoor camera. My configuration.yaml section looks like this:

  client_id: (secret)
  client_secret: (secret)

After restarting HA, I have binary sensor entities for motion detected, person detected, and sound detected for the camera (e.g. binary_sensor.backyard_camera_motion_detected, where “backyard” is the name I gave the camera in the Nest app).

The problem is that even though I get motion or person notifications from the Nest app, and can view video clips of the event in the Nest app, the binary sensors in HA continuously show as “off” during the period that the Nest app says (and I can see) he camera detected motion.

Is there some additional config I need to add to my configuration.yaml? I assumed that since the binary sensor entities automatically appeared there was no additional config. The Nest Binary Sensors page says that you can choose which “monitored_conditions” you want and specify these in the config, but says the parameters optional, so I’m not sure I need to add it or not.

Any help appreciated!

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