Configuring Netatmo and Legrand

Hello all, Last friday I installed HA on the Raspberry Pi 4 following the instructions on the HA website. On the first boot the OS detected alot of the available integration on my network. I configured all of them including Netatmo weather station, sensors and, radiator valves. I was also able to configure Legrand lightning devices through Netatmo. On Both configurations I needed to enter a code in order to get the connection to work. After I had everyhing setup and had my first automations ready the lighting struc and caused a power outage.

After we got the power back I wasn’t able to reach Home Assistant anymore. I decided to reinstall the OS on the SD card for the PI but after a reinstallation Home Assistant wasn’t able to detect the Netatmo integrations automatically. When I entered the integration manually I didn’t need to re-enter the code and it already knew all of the Netatmo devices but I can’t find the Legrand lightning product anymore through Netatmo like before. I find it strange that somehow I don’t have to re-enter the codes anymore and it somehow remembers that I made the connection before.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem and how to resolve it. I feel like I need to remove the Netatmo connection so I can re-enter those connection codes but I don’t know how.