Configuring NUT server on APC SMT750IC more sensors - nut version OLD

hello I configured nut on my APC SMT750IC
with this config… don’t know if this is correct:

  - username: XXXXX
    password: XXXXX
      - all
    actions: []
  - name: SmartUPS
    driver: usbhid-ups
    port: auto
      - vendorid = 051d
mode: netserver
shutdown_host: "true"

and I have only these sensors:

no input voltage, no output voltage, no load, no controls…

can I have more on this UPS?

or someone can suggest me a better ups?

can someone pull the version of nut to 2.8.0?

noone of boss can hear me? 2.7.4 is old very old… can you bump it?

hello? someone?