Configuring OwnTracks Android App

I am not sure what to enter for OwnTracks Settings. I used the same settings for my mqqt broker from my configuration.yaml file – is this correct?

Preferences > Connection (Private MQTT) > Host
Port: 129
Use WebSockets: YES

Are you using authentication for your mqtt broker? If so, you’ll also need to add that information under the Identification section. Also, if you’re not using TLS to transmit messages, make sure that under security TLS is switched off.

Are you planning to use owntracks while you are not at home, i.e. connected to a mobile network? In that case, the IP address you used won’t work because it’s limited to your local/home network and won’t be routed when your phone is connected to the mobile network. To achieve that you would need to configure your external IP address (or DNS name with a dynamic DNS service if your IP address is likely to change often), and your router would then need to forward the port (129 in your case) to the server where MQTT is running.

I was hoping to use OwnTracks while I’m not home. I will look into dynamic DNS, thank you for the advice.