Configuring power on/off of two devices

I have a Samsung Q6 TV (QN55Q6FNA) that I’m aiming to control and automate alongside a Yamaha TSR-7850 receiver. The CEC functionality on the TV has been far from stellar since day one. More often than not, when I turn the TV on, it does not turn the receiver on via CEC/ARC. It’s a nuisance and I never found a fix for it.

What I’d like to do to resolve the issue is two-fold: first, find a reliable Samsung remote card to control the TV with; and also configure the TV power button to turn the receiver on/off as well.

Seems like getting a remote for Samsung TVs has been a challenge from what I’ve read. My LG TV on the other hand, was cake. Any thoughts on how I can get a remote for this TV setup and set the receiver to work in tandem? Thanks!

Does it have to be a remote?
I’m thinking if you can sense the TV’s state then you can send the command to the receiver somehow.

Here is our kitchen TV monitored by a ESP8266 via the USB port on the TV

Perhaps that is a solution?

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Ideally, I’d like to be able to control the TV with a remote card. The receiver would follow suit, but the on/off button on the card would both turn the TV and receiver on and off.

To focus on one issue at a time, I’d like to start with a remote card for the TV, then work down from there.