Configuring Sonoff Mini

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So I have a Sonoff Mini on it’s way. From reading it seems like I have two options to integrate it with HA:

  • Flash with Tasmota
  • Use the SonoffLAN component from AlexxIT

The latter option is attractive since it means I won’t need to faff around installing new firmware on the device prior to using it and I’d like the flexibility of being able to control it from Alexa as well as HA.

I note however that the documentation on AlexxIT’s GitHub states:

Cloud mode cannot work simultaneously with the 3rd version eWeLink mobile application. You need:

  • eWeLink application of the 4th version (Android only)
  • create a second account, share devices with it and use it in the component

Does this imply that HA and Cloud mode (Alexa?) cannot work together if I have an Iphone. If this is the case, can anyone explain what is meant by the second bullet point. Is he saying that the Mini should be linked with two different accounts - one that is exclusive to HA and one that is exclusive to the Iphone?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I can’t speak to the SonofLAN integration - but if I were you, I’d use the built in MQTT capabilities of Tasmota to create a device/entity_id in HA. This would require an MQTT broker set up and there is an Add-On for it.
Adding a MQTT sensor or switch is simple: See: