Configuring trusted networks

I’ve been using HA for a while now and I recently looked into making touchscreens to put around the house. I want these to load up the HA dashboard and log in as a specific user for each screen. To do this I set up trusted networks by following the guides here. I set it up so that only the user I want can log in this way, and it should only show up if logging in from the local network. Here’s the relevant part of my config.

    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks
      trusted_users: e1e2bd8f8db94cbdb5d9eee3838958e9

After doing this though I still see the full list of users under the trusted users menu. More worryingly I can log in as any user while not on my home network (tested by connecting two different phones to mobile data).

What am I doing wrong?