Confirmable Notification doesn't work

I have made a Confirmable Notification for my iPhone using the Blueprint written and provided by Home Assistant. The notification comes through, but it ends after the message. The Confirmation Text, Confirmation Action, Dismiss Text, and Dismiss Actions do not show up or work. From what I can tell, I have all the settings on my phone and in HA correct. Does anyone have some wisdom to share on this Blueprint?

I’m running HA 2023.9.2
iOS iPhone 12 with iOS 16.6.1
iOS App 2023.4

Do you have Home Assistant Companion installed on the phone, and is that up to date?

Since you tagged the post with HA Companion I assume so - just checking… :slight_smile:

Yup, I just updated my post to reflect the app ver.

Have you tried to touch and hold the notification? Information you are looking for is not displayed by default, you need to hold on message for a sec to get the rest of it displayed…

I thought I was… but I wasn’t. Operator error. Thanks, @mirekmal .