Confirmation check for automation


I am pretty new to home assistant and just wonder if there is a way to basically “ask” home assistant to check that an automation has done what was asked of it.

For example: I have some automations based on motion or a lack of that dont always work. Sometimes a fan will stay on, or wont start, or lights are still on hours after they should have been turned off.

Is there something I can do to check this and redo whatever needs to be done? I guess you could call it quality control? lol

Any advice is appreciated!

Have you checked traces on your automations to see if has done what you think it should? You can hit run to bypass the trigger

yeah i have and it mostly works, but sometimes… it doesnt. this si why I hoping I could run some sort of “clean up” automation to check the other automations

I’m not aware of anything like that, Using traces is very powerful and should let you know straight away. The time line means you should be able to see past points and errors if something could not happen

I guess if you want to see if certain stages go through automation, you could add a load of notifications. Bit of a ball ache, otherwise check logs too

ill look more into traces and how to make out what’s what before I chase something down a rabbit hole that may not be needed.

I do plan on moving from my rpi4 to something more robust this weekend perhaps to see if that corrects these minor and sporadic issues. I made a post about it and feedback was pretty good on what I want to do. Thanks for the help!

Unless you’re running something demanding like image recognition, you should have no problems on a Pi4. I ran my system on a Banana Pi M1 (think RPi2 level) for ages with no such issues. Might be indicative of an underlying problem in your configuration.

Its definitely possible, expecially since I am new to home assistant. not home automation in general though.

about 20 cameras in this set up as well. When I first installed it and before adding the cameras and just had a few things running it was super snappy, and still is… mostly. I will know more when I move it over.

I have 40+ integrations, 10+ HACS integrations, 10+ add ons

appx 30 zigbee devices, 10 zwave, appx 20 cameras, 40+ automatons so far and counting, 2,000+ entities, etc, etc…

i think that may be a bit too much for a pi. not saying you are wrong by any means and what I have may be nothing in comparison to others also running on a pi4

See the proposed solution from PeteRage: Helper based time switch fail - backup strategy

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