Confirmation for Widget action

I have a short script to actuate a garage door opener - very handy at times. I’d like to execute it from a home screen Widget so I don’t have to open the HA app.

BUT I 'd need a confirmation popup, or some other 2-step process so I don’t trigger this accidentally.

I’m still climbing the HA curve. What would be a good way to accomplish this?


you can always ahve it trigger an actionable notification where you have to click on yes or no to achieve the action


That could be the answer. Thanks!

That is so smart. I thought of this many times and never thought of that solution :sweat_smile:

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Hoooo boy… I just spent a half hour trying to understand how to do this and I don’t think I’m even close. Looks like it takes a bunch of YAML involving automations, events, categories, permissions etc to actually create an actionable notification that invokes a script… and this is too far up the HA learning curve for me today.

I was hoping I could just add some sort of “are you sure” box/popup to the script…

Any other ideas?

I think you went a bit too deep. You can handle it in 1 automation if you follow the example provided:

Basically replace open and close with Yes and No and make the action do what you want it to do.

Hi. My phone has HA installed. I have 3 switches, one needs confirmation, others don’t. This confirmation is requested when actioned from within the app, but it is not requested when actioned from a desktop widget. Any clues? It’s an Android phone.