Confused about Alarm Control Panel Setup, how do I add attributes to the Alarm Control Panel?

I have successfully integrated my Vista20p home alarm into Home Assistant (using AlarmDecoder board).
I was looking at this link here:

It mentions I can add attributes like “Ready” to arm, chime, AC power, etc.
This would be very useful, but really unclear how to add these. There is no example yaml. Are these attributes added under alarmdecoder:, or do I create new templates for these?

I was just hoping to see the AC, chime, ready status on the alarm panel_display keypad in Home Assistant.

Thanks for any assistance.

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I don’t have the same hardware as you, but they are attributes to the alarm control panel and their values. If you want them “exposed” as a sensor then you will need to make a template sensor, or maybe one of the attribute cards for lovelace.

You should be able to see all of the attributes of the entity from the states page.

The last portion of the component page shows a template switch with the chime attribute.