Confused about OS 3.9

I started with HASSIO around one year ago.
This is the first time, that I’m confronted with an update of the OS.
Obviously I missed a lot of updates.

Can anybody tell me, ho the OS-Version is related to the HASSIO release?
What will happen, if I only update the OS but keep the stable HA release 103.4?
What will happen, if I ignore updating the OS, because it went well up to now?

Are there any docs, I can read?

Questions over questions…:slight_smile:

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You are just confused because of the recent name re-branding:

not really :wink:

I read about the rebranding. Thats no big deal fo me.
But the OS has nothing to do with that imo.

But why is this the first time, that I got an update notification of the OS?
And why did it work so far with 2.10?

I’m seeing the same with my tinkerboard; a jump from 2.10 (April 2019 apparently) to 3.9

Based on my experience with home assistant, a lot can change (and cause breaking changes) in 10 months

Well I updated anyway; everything working fine. Go for it