Confused about this documentation in adding z-wave to HA

A dialog box will show, asking to use the add-on:
UNCHECK that box, it will install the official add-on.
Again, the official add-on is recommended, so…

Why are we unchecking the box for supervisor if it is the official add-on and the official add-on is recommended?

Setting up the Home Assistant Z-Wave JS integration

One thing is addon another is integration. For some integrations you have to have addons for them to work.
I don’t use z - wave but probably this is like that. You install z - wave addon, configure it and than you add integration.
This is similar to ie. frigate. If you have cameras you install frigate addon, configure it, restart home assistant and then add frigate integration.

Z-Wave JS UI (ZUI) is a community add-on, not the official add-on. The instructions you are referring to are for ZUI. If you don’t uncheck that, it will automatically install the official add-on.


By unchecking the box, I am NOT installing the official add-on Z-Wave JS because Z-Wave JS UI already installed Z-Wave JS?

Correct, Z-Wave JS UI and Z-Wave JS add-on are both “Z-Wave JS”. They both provide the Z-Wave JS driver software and websocket server (for integration with HA), just with different features, i.e. the former has a UI, the latter is official and managed by HA.

If you want to use Z-Wave JS UI, you should follow those installation instructions, that’s all there is to it.

Got it! Thank you!