Confused about what I'm actually backing up using native backup utility

Using the HA backup utility under system → Backups. I have the location for saving on my Synology drive on the same network.

When I select Create Backup, and then Full, I’ve seen it create a backup file of a gig, sometimes a few hundred MB. They are showing up on my Synology DS just fine, but I’m afraid that I’m missing something.

Also using HA Google Drive backup, an addon. It’s backing up to my Google drive. Happy to have the backups in two separate spots. But scared that if I have to re-install from a fresh HA installation, that I don’t have what I think I have.

So here are two screenshots from today, both 160MB. As the song goes, “is that all there is?”

Yep, it’s pretty painless and simple. Unless you’re getting an error, you should be good. I’ve restored from my backups multiple times and never had an issue (it just takes a while).