Confused - location tracking

I have installed IOS on HA and on my iphone XR…using duckdns and I can connect from my iphone to HA and see the overview, etc. If I manually send my location using the small button on the left bottom of HA IOS, it’s received and processed by the HA server. Looks like everything is set up correctly…BUT

My expectation was that when I arrived at one of my defined zones (and they show in HA IOS), it would trigger a message to HA where I could sense the change of location. Near as I can tell, looking at all the logs I can find, that’s not happening. Yes, it changes if I do the manual send…but nothing seems to be sent automatically.

I am not using the cloud…I am using device_tracker: xxx_phone in my automation…and the only thing I see in the logbook for device_tracker:xxx_phone are the manual sends I did from my iphone.

I could post the automation, but I don’t think the signal is even getting to the HA server.

.ios.conf shows:

 "devices": {
        "djw_phone": {
            "app": {
                "buildNumber": 34,
                "bundleIdentifer": "io.robbie.HomeAssistant",
                "versionNumber": "1.5.0"
            "battery": {
                "level": 86,
                "state": "Unplugged"
            "device": {
                "localizedModel": "iPhone",
                "model": "iPhone",
                "name": "Djw1",
                "permanentID": "xxxxxxxx",
                "systemName": "iOS",
                "systemVersion": "12.1.4",
                "type": "iPhone11,8"
            "deviceId": "djw_phone",
            "lastSeenAt": "2019-03-27T16:10:16.682108",
            "permissions": [
            "pushId": "yyyyyy",
            "pushSounds": [],
            "pushToken": "This space intentionally left blank"
    "push": {}

Any suggestions on how to get my location sent to HA when I enter/leave a defined zone???

More: the following DOES NOT work…nothing shows on the phone.

The service dev tool allows you to call any available service in Home Assistant.


Service Data (JSON, optional)

few things, maybe silly questions: have you set the iOS app to ALWAYS use gps (even in background? ) If not it won’t work well.
You also need to move “significantly” for locations to be sent from the phone (only significant moves are sent to spare the battery)

yes, I have the phone app set to always use GPS.

Do all locator apps (useable with Home Assistant) only send “significant” changes. I think that’s cell towers and that’s not granular enough for my use.

as far as I know all do indeed only send on significant move. No idea how that works though.
Owntracks has a mode that sends more like live data, but that eats through battery like using a normal GPS navigation app…

Significant Location Updates happen on more then cell tower changes, I wrote about it more here.

Another way for location triggered updates is zones, whether geographic or iBeacon.

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Oh and about OT’s method of live updates, yes it eats battery and I have no interest in implementing it because most people don’t understand the downsides of it, causing poor reviews and support nightmares for OT.

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Hi! Kind of late but… my HA for iOS works fine with my automations when entering a zone. Have you checked the location submenu inside the settings of the app?
I hope this helps.