Confused on how to configure Areas

So I have 0.87 and can create an area. However it appears the only way to add devices to an area is via integrations UI. Most of my HASS items are not under any integration, in fact the only things I have under that is my iOS phones and my ChromeCast. All my lights are ISY and most of my sensor come from an Alarm panel.

Am I missing something?


What do you mean by ‘area’?

New feature in HA 0.87, Areas.

Hmm, I see it for my iOS and Zwave devices, nothing else. Seems like a work in progress. Probably needs to be added to each component.

It looks like the hass-cli has support for areas. This might be able to assign areas to entities that are not in an integration.
I will try this at some point but not sure when I’ll get time.

It only works for integrations. So far as I know that’s by design.

Well if it will only work with integrations, then it seems like it will have very little use for me. I suspect many people since I did not think my setup was that unique. I have 100s of entities but only 3 that are accessible by integrations.


True but this will force dev’s of odd components to start implementing their components in integrations if they want to use this functionality. In the long run this is good.

I do not see that happening, and I do not have odd components. Insteon over ISY, zone minder cameras, ecobee tstats, and more.

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Right, but they haven’t been updated to work with integrations. All it takes is 1 developer wanting to have things only visible via the area they are in. BTW everyone wants this and people have been asking for this for the entire 3 years I’ve been here. It will happen, it’ll just take time.

This seems very messed up to me. I thought integration were primarily for integrating other services which provided access to devices or information. I use yaml mode and I try not to use cloud based services except google assistant. I would like to use areas, but 90% of my devices are not supported with an “integration”. Has this changed? Are there plans to change it? Why cant we have the following…

  name: bedroom
    - light.bedroom_light_1
    - light.bedroom _light_2
    - switch.bedroom_heater

We can, it just hasn’t been developed yet. You’re welcome to develop it. Otherwise, it’s the waiting game.


I write the best bug ridden code. Perhaps I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

Man, it’s a lot of work. If you want to take advantage of integrations, you’d just need to add it to the components you use :rofl:

Is there a way to stop the areas appearing as panels on the UI? It doesn’t merge them with groups of the same name so I have duplicate panels scattered about.

Move off of the automatic UI and configure it yourself. Otherwise you are stuck with the caveats like this.

I don’t think adding groups / light groups to Area Registry is possible yet, but if anyone knows how to do it I’d love the ability to add Light Groups (not just Groups) to the Area Registry.
I have some multi-globe fixtures using Hue connected globes (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call remote controlled globes “Smart”). I have these set up in Light Groups (not standard groups).

  - platform: group
    name: Living room ceiling
      - light.livingroom_globe1
      - light.livingroom_globe2
      - light.livingroom_globe3

The above code shows the light group as light.living_room_ceiling, but this is not an integration obviously.
I’d like to be able to add it to the Living Room area register.
This is not so much for Lovelace, as I can manually configure lovelace, but for Voice Assistant setups.
Each entity that is integrated to an area in area registry shows automatically in Google Home in the correct room.
ie: Kitchen is a single Z-Wave Nano dimmer which shows as a Z-Wave integration “light.kitchen_ceiling”. Google Home automatically picks this up as Kitchen Ceiling Light, located in the room Kitchen.

Does anyone know if this is available for light groups yet?

You can manually set the hint for them in the yaml file - so all my lights show in rooms automatically.

    expose: false
    room: lounge room

I actually don’t expose the light group as you see but there’s no reason that can’t be done as well.

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@DavidFW1960 :

I completely forgot about that fuctionality. As a light group will show in the light domain, that would work perfectly.

I do hope one day it can be done via the Area Register so it can be done front end and also work with the new area permissions that are being worked on. I can use YAML and understand it, but I will be honest, I don’t enjoy YAML :slight_smile:.

Thank you so much for reminding me about that option.

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This method does disable the UI editing of devices, but I am impressed that the UI still shows which ones are enabled and disabled in a Read Only mode. Makes it much clearer than chasing through the YAML to work out what I had included and excluded :slight_smile: