Confused on Shelly, ShellyforHAS do I need it now?

I dont have HACS ShellyForHAS installed but I connected a Shelly Dimmer 2 on my Network today and HA found it (Runnig HASIO on a PI)

So has ShellyForHAS been replaced by the official Shelly Integration, or do I need it for Extra features?

Regards Dave

Really ?
I guess you didn’t use the Shelly Discovery Script either ?

When you say HA found it, what do you mean ? Where is it visible ? Somewhere in Integration ? ou juste in Entity Table ?

Hi, I had a 1 message pop up in the notification area, went to notifications & HA said 1 New device found do you want to add it. I said yes and this popped up on my integration page.

Also the dimmer was under lights. And it all works. Shows Overpower, Overheating, device Temperature and power.

Cant seem to get the switch inputs to show as entities?

Re Dave

Added a 2nd Shelly Dimer on my network and HA found it. So what are the benefits of using ShellyForHAS?

Re Dave

From my understanding, you dont need ShellyForHASS anymore, since that was before HA had Shelly integrated natively. Anyone feel free to chime in if I’m mistaken.

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