Confusion about imported energy vs consumption vs devices

I have a home setup with solar panels, an energy monitoring platform (Solar Analytics) and some individual power monitoring plugs (Kasa’s, Shelly’s, etc.), so I’m trying to work out the best way to have everything setup in the Energy dashboard.

I get inputs from Solar Analytics that will tell me how much solar I’m generating, consuming and exporting, as well as the total energy consumption of my home (plus some other metrics which aren’t relevant here).

I want to accurately represent all of this in HA, but I’m not sure where to put the “total consumed by site” metric when also using it with individual switch monitoring.

Presently, I setup “Total energy imported” as the “grid consumption” field, but should this be “total consumption”, regardless of whether it’s Grid or Solar? Or should I put total consumption as a device, but then it’s accurate as individual devices would be added on top of it.