Confusion about moving to "new-Style" integrations

Hi all,

after upgrading I noticed that new way integrations are handled and read a lot about it already.

I am a little bit confused right now:

  • Is it mandatory to move to the new system or can I leave my integrations in yaml?
  • If I remove them from yaml and configure them through the integrations menu, it might happen that I have to maintain my automations and so on as it could be possible that the entities get new names, tight? Or will they stay the same?

That depends on the integration. If the integration supports both, the choice is yours. Just search the blog posts to make sure that yaml isn’t getting deprecated for that integration.

They may have new names, but you can just rename them to what you had before. It really depends on the integration and what you had setup in yaml. E.g. if you configured the name in yaml, you’ll have to configure the name after going through the ui.


Okay, thats pretty (un)clear - like expected :smiley:

Thank you!

Tried around and so far I’m quite happy with the web based configuration for integrations :slight_smile: