Confusion regarding HomeKit Thread devices and discovery


I bought my first Thread devices (3 Nanoleaf Essential Bulbs) and wanted to add them to HA. I followed the instructions and added them first to the Home App, updated the Firmware to the latest via Nanoleaf App, waited till they joined the Thread Network and deleted them from the Apps. But the bulbs are not getting discovered by HA.

I did some basic research and as far as I understand the Thread devices should have a DNS-SD record “_hap._udp” but they don’t. To able to use the bulbs I first exposed them to HA via Matter and it’s working good so far.

To make sure it’s not my HA installation I tested if other HomeKit devices are getting discovered and yes the integration works.

To do some more tests I ordered two more Thread devices, an Eve Motion Sensor and a Qingping Motion & Light Sensor.

  • The Eve sensor behaves like the Nanoleaf bulbs, working via Matter but not getting discovered as a HomeKit device (no DNS-SD record).

  • The Qingping Motion & Light Sensor could not be exposed via Matter, but has the DNS-SD record and is getting discovered as a HomeKit device (not able to pair it properly yet)

Am I getting something wrong, did I something wrong? I don’t really know what I can do next to pair Nanoleaf and Eve as a HomeKit device directly to HA. Or is the Matter way state of the art?


*Edit: I was now able to pair the Qingping sensor via Bluetooth. No chance to pair the sensor via thread “Device already connected to a controller” . Even after the “SF” flag was set from 0 to 1 after deletion

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