Confussed About Zigbee

I have home Assistant running on a Synonlgy Nas in Docker and i would like some smart buttons for Automation so I looked at the Shelly 1 wifi but I think the aqara zigbee buttons might work better with less lag. Excatly what would I need to purchase to get these working… Do i buy the Aqara Ziggbe Hub as i dont think the usb zigbee sticks will work on a synonlgy HA in docker. How close do i have to be to either the USB or the Hub for these things to be connected as the HA server is in the workshop not attached to the house but is connected via ethernet cable for internet and I also run TP Link Omada WIFI.
I simply dont know what I need to buy to get zigbee working

Suggest either consider migrating your Home Assistant instance from running in Docker to instead running on Home Assistant OS / HAOS in a VM (Virtual Machine) in order to be able to use USB pass-through (though then you would still have to use a very long USB extension cable with USB-extenders to a Zigbee USB adapter) or instead maybe better alternative in your case consider buying CC2652P based Zigbee serial-to-IP bridge like Tube’s Zigbee Gateway (ships from United States) or ZigStar LAN Gateway (ships from Europe) as those are network-attached Zigbee Coordinator will work the same as if you connected to a remote Zigbee USB adapter connected via a ser2net (serial proxy server):

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Thanks for the reply …i came up with an alternative using a RF Bridge and a 433mhz Remote …works perfectly