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This is a new topic dedicated to ZigBee Coordinators by ZigStar
All information required to assembly, flash and run ZigStar USB or LAN devices is located here: ZigStar Web for more information lets have a discussion:

We develop new firmware and Multi Tool to work with ZigStar LAN Gateways

  • ZigStar Multi Tool

    • Auto Discovery of your LAN Gateway or USB Dongle
    • Read / Write / Erase NVRAM memory of ZigBee module
    • Write / Verify / Erase firmware of ZigBee module
    • Backdoor Serial Loader turns on automatically
    • Manual restart of ZigBee module or ESP32 is available
    • USB Dongle Support (CC2538,CC2652)

  • ZigStar Gateway Firmware

    • ZigBee UART port forwarding using socket LAN connection
    • MQTT connection to view states and control ESP32. HA Auto Discovery
    • Restarting ZigBee and enabling ZigBee BSL via webpage and MQTT
    • ESP32 firmware update via webpage
    • Automatic switching to Wi-Fi network when RJ45 is disconnected - “Emergency mode”
    • If no Wi-Fi network is available, the hotspot will be configured


Hi @mercenaruss , got the Lan only ZigStar gateway today and looking to flash the wt32-eth01 with Esphome but I am unable to do it. Giving an error when trying to write to flash. Any ideas?
What tool are you using to flash the esp32. Have tried the Esphome flasher.

Chip Info:
 - Chip Family: ESP32
 - Chip Model: ESP32D0WDQ5 (revision 1)
 - Number of Cores: 2
 - Max CPU Frequency: 240MHz
 - Has Bluetooth: YES
 - Has Embedded Flash: NO
 - Has Factory-Calibrated ADC: YES
 - MAC Address: 7C:87:CE:44:A8:21
Uploading stub...
Running stub...
Stub running...
Changing baud rate to 460800
 - Flash Size: 4MB
 - Flash Mode: dio
 - Flash Frequency: 40MHz
Erasing flash (this may take a while)...
Chip erase completed successfully in 13.7s
Compressed 15872 bytes to 10319...
Writing at 0x00001000... (100 %)Wrote 15872 bytes (10319 compressed) at 0x00001000 in 0.2 seconds (effective 541.3 kbit/s)...
Unexpected error: Error while writing flash: Timed out waiting for packet header

Update: Sorted it by using 5v from serial adapter instead of 3.3v.


@birca1987 Glad you figured out.

@mercenaruss when do you expect the Stick to be back in stock?

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Hi, thank you for your interest, I hope by end of this month will be available.
Scarcity of chips :frowning: waiting for some production to be ready soon.
Will update once is available.

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@mercenaruss Got two firmware/hardware feature requests for ZigStar if such are OK to post here(?):

First, pls consider adding Zeroconf support to ZigStar LAN Gateway for ZHA network discovery, see:


Secondly, please consider using other USB-to-UART chip with EEPROM on ZigStar USB adapter so can add unique PID (Product ID) or other USB identification strings for automatic USB discovery, see:


Just to be clear; the reaspon for both of those two requests is so can use automatic discovery in ZHA, which is something that has already been added for a few Zigbee gateways and Zigbee USB dongles:



PS: The most commonly available USB-to-UART chips are CP2102N by Silabs and FT231 by FTDI.


Hi @Hedda of course i like to received design reviews and feature requests.
I will go thru all you send and will try to make it happen.
Fell free to come up with comments and wishes :slight_smile:

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These are good ideas, that would be great!!!

Just got my ZigStar and trying to pair a few of my TRADFRI repeaters and Xiaomi leak detectors. I was having real trouble getting them to pair. Had to try more than 20 times for one item to correctly pair. Right now my network looks like this:

Also, when I try to pair more devices I get something with “z-stack does not have a mandatory basic cluster.” Also two of the three leak detectors have already gone offline.

Am I missing something? Maybe a firmware update?

Hi, let me try to help you with this. I write you a PM to be able to do a proper DIAGNOSTIC

In the last few days a couple of devices no longer connected to my zigbee network. Not sure why this has happened and how do I fix this.

Does chip shortage affect both RFSTAR RF-BM-2652P2 aw well as Ebyte E72-2G4M20S1E modules?

Presumably, egony has both RF-BM-2652P2 and E72-2G4M20S1E variants for the shortage reason(?)

FYI, the ZHA integration documentation now got a best practice guide to avoid pairing issues:


I have also submitted a PR to ZHA docs with some general tips on improving Zigbee network range:



Yes, affected all industry, because is based on CC2652P and CC1352P chip.
Myself i don’t like the play around with E72-2G4M20S1E ( cutting antenna and so on), i like straight connection without tampering with design.

User xyzroe come up with idea to build a customisable firmware for our LAN Coordinator.
Firmware is based on ZiGate-Ethernet.
And was completely rewriten to match our PCB and required functions.

In order to update your LAN Coordinator just upload ZigStarGW_vx.x.x.bin using web interface.

For USB upgrade use: ZigStarGW_vx.x.x.full.bin.

Is this new firmware to upgrade the zigstar usb stick ? If so how do I upgrade the firmware.

The Firmware is for the ZigStar LAN Gateway (Coordinator) but NOT for the ZigStar Stick v4 NOR for the ZigStar Shield.

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Exactly ,this is the web interface for LAN Gateway, will be used for all gateways we will release to public.
ZeroConf will be hopefully work with HA soon.

Want to present to you our new MultiTool for flashing ZigStar LAN Gateway without the need of Python or command line.

  • Restart LAN and ZigBee over network
  • Firmware flashing over network for CC2652P
  • NVRAM Backup/Erase/Restore



More Screenshots


To get the latest updates or view the source code, visit the repository

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