Connect 2 Raspberry Pis And Displays All Data Info In 1 Home Assistant Webpage

Hi all,

I would like to connect 2 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ together, and displays all data info in 1 Home Assistant webpage.

Currently, 1 Raspberry Pi is located in my first home, and another Raspberry Pi is located in my second home. Both of them have their own separate Home Assistant webpage (http://XXX:8123/). Due to far distances between two homes, local connection between them is not possible.

So, is there any ways I can displays all data info (Such as switch, light, etc) from these 2 Raspberry Pis into 1 Home Assistant webpage only? This is easier to monitor these data info in 1 webpage instead of 2 webpages.


Yes there is:

Do a search in the forums for more info.

Thanks for the info.