Connect a remote gateway to a cloud based HA

Hi HA community.

I’m making my first baby steps in learning HA and surrounding. So far got one house automated with Zigbee devices joined via a gateway and so far using smart life only. Time to evolve.

Current project I need help finding a solution for:
looking for a server I can setup somewhere like in azure cloud or elsewhere accessible over the internet. No problem here, can set it up anywhere myself, open ports etc., need help picking suitable server\solution.
further select suitable gateway that will be able to outbound connect to the azure server (similar to how a zigbee gateway connects to the Smart Life service).
further I’ll need multiple gateways\homes to be able to connect to the same servers so that metrics from all devices in all homes could be visible in one solution.

Is there an existing way to set this all up? Can Matter devices \ gateways be any more suitable?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.