Connect andorid app to home assistant using Nabu Casa


I am trying to connect my Home Assistant Companion App using Nabu Casa remote access. I also want that if the mobile is within the local network, the local URL will be used.

There are no clear instructions how to configure home assistant / andorid app for that.

Help will be appriciated


  1. Open the Home Assistant Companion App.
  2. Click the “Hamburger Icon” on the upper left.
  3. Choose: App-Configuration.
  • The first option is for setting the URL to your Home Assistant instance through Nabu Casa.
  • The second option is for choosing your Home-WLAN.
  • The third option is for setting the internal link for your mobile.

If all three options are set, your mobile phone will automagically connect through the local network if it is connected to your Home-WLAN and it connects through the Nabu Casa-link whenever it is outside of your WLAN.

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Work. Thx.

Do you know if there is a sensor which shows if the connection is local or remote?