Connect Eastron SDM630 3-phase KWH Modbus rs 485 Meter to Odroid N2+ (usb or ethernet or ?)

Hi, i have Home Assistant up and running now (on odroid N2+ 4GB) and just received my first DSRM data ! Great ! Next is connecting my Shelly 3EM !

My Question to this forum : I also purchased an Eastron SDM630 Modbus RS485 3-phase kwh meter (mid certified) to measure what goes into my electic car.

So i need some interface now from the rs485/modbus on the sdm630 to my Odroid to get data in.

When googling around I come across either rs485-USB OR rs485-Ethernet kind of devices.

What would be the most convenient way to connect this rs485/modbus meter to my Home Assistant on the n2+? USB or Ethernet device ? Maybe specific suggestion ?

PS - i might add a few more of these modbus meters to measure my heatpunt and solar panel output.

Thanks for any reactions

reg Koen