Connect to esp32 port 6053 for Nagios check

Hey. I have a esp32 with the API on port 6053 for connecting to from Home Assistant. Works in Home Assistant. I’d like a Nagios check that connects to the API as well. Maybe something like Or anything else. I am not stuck on anything. I’ve been fumbling around and am not having any success. Ideas anyone?

Do you just want to check the host is up? Or check some other functionality?

Some other. The esp has a pressure sensor on it and it reporting the pressure value over the API. I have the pressure value in HA so I can view it, but I want the check to also hit the esp API and alarm if pressure is too high or too low.

The api is documented here and a reference to the python library aioesphomeapi.

It would be simpler to use mqtt (just saying).

It already reports to a broker I don’t have access to. If you can tell me how to get an esp to report to two brokers that likely would be the better solution. In lieu of that, aioesphomeapi looks like exactly what I’m after. Thanks.

Sorry forgot the link Native API Component — ESPHome

That just documents the API usage in HA. I found that via Google. You hit the nail on the head with aioesphomeapi. I can write a Nagios check that uses that to get the pressure value. Thanks.