Connect to HA on RPi 4+ without internet

I have a situation that I have no internet or router currently in the house. I can provide an internet hotspot via mobile (what I’m currently using). Is it possible to connect to my raspberry pi (running HomeAssistant) somehow in this constelation, or even get the RPi to use the mobile hotspot to access it? Or do I need to plug in an ethernet cable between the RPi and laptop?

I’ve searched in the forum, but the topics I found deal with how to make RPi accessible via Wifi, I couldn’t find one where it specifically described what to do with a RPi with no internet access at all

Well, by “mobile hostspot”, I understand “create a wifi network with my mobile”, so RPI4 + Wifi is actually what you’re looking for.

My thinking is that I need to access the RPI4 in some kind of way first to actually activate the wifi + input the password of the mobile hotspot. I’m just stumped how I can do that in the first place, as the RPI is not automatically connecting to the mobile hotspot

Use the USB-dongle approach

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I believe you are trying to do exactly what I was trying to do a couple weeks ago. Just boot up a PI to Wifi without ever plugging it in to wired.

If that’s the case, and you’re a bit techy, I wrote an article on how to do it… Here you go, hope it helps:

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