Connect to internal Database with external client


I would like to connect to my HomeAssistant Database with MySQL WorkBench. How can I do that ?
Should I set up something in HA ?
What are the connection params (port, user, login) ?
I am running HA inside an HA OS Virtual Machine.
The Db is the default one.
Thanks for your help.

The default HA database is SQLite, not MySQL (unless you changed the defaults to point to a MySQL db of your own).

Unsure of what you want to achieve…maybe add a bit more info?
For the sqlite one there is a ‘workbench’ too

I set up a Samba share to the config directory and can look at the database with DB Browser for SQLite while HA is running. It is handy for running ad-hoc queries. It is slow across the network but I can copy it to local machine and work on it there. My db is 2.4 Gb +/-

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Ok, Sorry, I mixed up SQLite and MySql. I have a default setup so my question is about SQLite.

What I would like to have is a sql client on my desktop computer to execute simple SQL queries on the HA Database, to explore it and prepare my queries for the sql integration.

SQL Workbench doesn’t seem to be the good client, SQLite Browser perhaps, but you may have some better tool to suggest ?

Anyway, once I have the good client, what are the parameters to connect to the HA Db ?

sqlite db browser is sufficiently OK for that DB Browser for SQLite (
Note that if you want… you can integrate this stuff through the native SQL integration

Point is, SQLite us a local only db, there is no “connect”.
See @AllHailJ reply…

That’ what I feared … Thanks all for your help.