Connect Tradfri to HA and to a button?

I have some lights in my home from IKEA using just the wireless transformer and a button (No IKEA gateway). I recently got a Conbee II stick and I managed to bind the transformer using ZHA and can turn on/off the lights, however then the button stops working, and if I bind t the button, then ZHA stops working. How can I connect both HA and the button to the lights independently so they work both to control the lights?

Connect the button to ZHA and create an automation to toggle the light when the button is pressed

Yes I thought about that, but I like to have physical switches independent from HA. So does the Zigbee protocol really not support multiple controllers? What if you wanted to have two different buttons for the same lights is that really not possible with Zigbee?

Then connect both buttons to the same ZHA controller and create one automation that triggers on both those buttons to turn on the same light

I’m in the exact same situation. I would like to keep IKEA remote independent from HA to control IKEA 30W LED driver, but also want to integrate the driver with HA. Pairing driver with HA breaks bounding to the remote and the opposite - very frustrating.

Not 100% sure of how the Ikea echosystem works but in HA there is no issue with having more than one Tradfri device. With these divices (Say switch A, Switch B, Bulb A) you could have an automation:

On trigger Switch A
or Switch B
Toggle Bulb A

Know that is not the exact syntax for HA but you get the idea (I hope). I have a few bulbs controlled by multiple automations and devices. The trick is DO NOT link the switch to the bulb! Instead have the automations do what you want done.

Thanks for your comments however, this is not what I was asking for. I have no issue with adding several IKEA Tradfri products to HA, but once they are in HA there is no way to control them outside HA ecosystem meaning when for some reasons HA goes down you can’t control your lights :frowning:

I don’t know about ZHA, but I can do both

I ran into the same issue with trying to pair both the Tradfri Led driver and a button. But after a few attempts it worked. What I think I end up doing was the following:

  1. Pair the Tradfri driver with HA.
  2. First rest the remote. Then try to pair the remote with HA through the Tradfri driver ( add new device via this device).
    At this point the driver got disconnected from HA for me but worked with the button.
  3. Delete the Tradfri driver from HA and pair again with HA.
    Now the button works with the driver and the driver is connected to HA. But was not able to het the button into HA but for me this is not a problem.

Hopefully this will be of help to someone!