Connect USB 433 Mhz receiver to Hass on raspberry Pi


I have a raspberry pi and Hass installed. And I also have a USB stick connected to my PI which is able to send and receive 433 MHZ commands.

When the device receive a command e.g. by a wireless wall switch, the raw output looks like the following:

100010100011101111110000111000111000 (to switch the device on)
100010100011100111110000100100111111 (to switch the device off)

When I want to send a command to a 433 MHZ device, I just use the following command and the USB device does the rest:

(at the end of the ID I need to add an ā€œsā€ for sending).

My question is how can I integrate the existing USB 433 MHZ transceiver into Hass?
Which component to use? Can I read the commands directly from USB device without using mqtt for example?
What is the best way to integrate the existing USB stick!?

Best regards,